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Welcome to the Mischpoke

Recently, e-mails are sent with a spoofed sender "@mischpoke.com". These are not sent by us! Do not open the attachements and delete the mail without opening it! Using an encrypted JavaScript and a buffer overflow in the Microsoft help is trying to install a keyword logger named Daurso.AA, a rootkit called Bredolab.AA and to manipulate the firewall policies in order to install other malicious software on your computer. We do not send unsolicited e-mails unless you specifically expect a response from us.

As you can see, we have re-structured our website and freshed up the layout. So, whatīs new: We have minimized our services, to gain an overview again, of what is important to you. Of course, any inquiry or comment on this is welcome.

Anyway, weīll keep up the Mischpoke Independent Music Search Engine, because this service seems definitly worthy to you. You are still able to order our crawler to crawl your site and index your contents. Two things:

  1. We just index music concerning sites. Linkspamming, Pornsites, or anything else but music will not be accepted by us.Please, Dear Sires Website Promoter und Optimizer, save your and our time and donīt request our service, if you donīt promote music sites, thank you!
  2. To all the others, please use regular e-Mail adresses, we donīt accept "bill@microsoft.com", he doesnīt make music and seems not to use our services. We donīt index sites, suggested by not regular e-mail adresses.

Donīt forget to visit our Re-Designed Shop at www.mischpoke.biz

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my very best regards,
Dominik Kessler